Opus Event Collaboration

OPUS x Eva Dinner Event by Vogue

Opus and Eva Interiors joined forces for a remarkable collaboration, showcased at the prestigious Vogue Magazine Dine in Design event. The centerpiece of our design was the exquisite Baccarat, setting the tone for elegance and opulence. We adorned the space with the mesmerizing Je Te Vois chandelier and ornate vases, creating a visual symphony of light and luxury.

To infuse a touch of romance, we incorporated 1,500 pieces of Juliette flowers, transforming the venue into a fragrant garden of enchantment. Our partnership with Eva Interiors and the enchanting allure of Baccarat made this event an unforgettable masterpiece of design and sophistication.

Ava Wedding
Ava Bouquet
Lemon Sorbet Flower

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